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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

Beauty products for a summer look

Every shoot has a story behind it.

When we started planning the shoot we decided to do a summer themed beauty story. I was thinking how the summer makeup looks like. I absolutely didn’t want to do anything plain and obvious. Instead of a fresh baby or a bronze face look, I decided to go with a fashion look inspired by a summer.

What summer is? What does come into my mind when I think about this season? It’s a hot weather, tan, and bright colors. First I was thinking to do a colorful beach look with cocktail straws and summer accessories, but it seemed to be too regular. I had an idea about extreme heat, when all is melted by the heat. Remember the Britney Spears video “I’m a slave for you”. It shows us a perfect atmosphere of heat. With bronze wet faces and bodies.

I started creating a wet look. I wanted to do something more than just a wet face and wet eyelids.

What if I do a full face of drops!

I felt like it would be a universal summer story, because it can tell us about unbearable heat, or about sea splashes, or a summer rain. One of my favorite colors is the Inglot AMC pure pigment eyeshadow №117. It is kind of a mermaid color. Something between green and blue. I decided to make this product as a basic color on eyes. Also, it combines very well with water drops.

The face of our model Victoria was perfect for this look.

It took me about 2 hours to finish the look. It is not that simple. It includes more than one pigment, and some bronzing effect on face under the water drops. Check the picture with products I used for this makeup look.

Then I started to spray the water on the face with just a regular spray bottle from MUD store. We had a few minutes to shoot that before the water messed up the makeup.

It was not a waterproof mascara. I wanted this look to live on face with water and to change after each spray.

After some shots, the mascara was smudged. It looked like she was crying with black tears. It worked very well for us.

Beauty makeup with tears

Photo: Alexey Duplyakov

Makeup: Anna Kalita

Model: Victoria Damaronak

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