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Updated: Jul 15, 2020

I'd like to thank Voyage Dallas for sharing my story in an interview for their series highlighting inspiring and successful female leaders called The Trailblazers: Rewriting the Narrative.

-Thanks for sharing your story with us Anna. So, let’s start at the beginning and we can move on from there.

-First, I started my professional career as a freelance makeup artist in 2010, after completing a diploma course at Makeup & Hair School, located in Moscow, Russia. However, my obsession with makeup art dates back to when I was young. Makeup has always been a thing of passion for me and as a child, I was regularly drawing makeup on the faces of models I found on pages of different magazines.

I have a degree in Graphic design, which has contributed tremendously to the growth of my makeup artist skills. At a time, I was working as a graphic designer who also accelerated my love for photography. I was able to hone my skills by taking pictures of my friends, and I did their makeup without having any knowledge of it. That gave me further insight into how possible it is to have a career in beauty.

Consequently, I left my office job and from there I started a new career as an independent makeup artist. It was during this time I discovered that the fashion industry in Moscow is indeed a big one. I had a great time working on photo shoots, fashion shows, for magazines, including music, videos and TV hosts. I also feature in some commercials.

I enrolled in several master classes in New York and Los Angeles in an attempt to improve my makeup artist skills and as well become versatile in line with the new trend.

In 2016, I relocated to the US. My journey as a makeup artist has also taken me to places like Texas where I have been working both in Dallas and Houston.

Although I have significantly improved my skills as a makeup artist, a lot have changed, and makeup isn’t the same the way it was 5 to 10 years ago. Trends have changed and they keep improving every day. Hence, I feel there is still room to learn more if you want to stay in touch with the latest trends and keep tabs on current makeup products and style at the same time. From the achievement I have made so far, new career goals are set before. I’m not going to stop where I am now, but to do my best and become a great makeup artist.

-Overall, has it been relatively smooth? If not, what were some of the struggles along the way?

-No, the journey was never an easy road! The most significant challenge of my career was when I had to quit my office work to become a freelance makeup artist. Starting a new career shift isn’t like a walk in the park. It’s challenging because the career change creates an unspoken form of instability. At a time, I felt I was losing it because I wasn’t sure what tomorrow holds in store for my new career. The fact that the career change means I no longer get to enjoy weekends, initially complicated things a bit.

But when you consider the enormous reward involved in making such a sacrifice to do what you love while becoming your boss; is a change that is entirely worth it.

Another area of a challenge was having to cope and adapt to the culture, language, and mentality of doing things. The American way of life is entirely different from the prevailing lifestyle in Russia. For instance, while in Russia, I built an excellent makeup career that sustained me on many fronts. But after moving to the US, I had to start all over again. That to me was a pretty tough time.

But looking back now, I can say I’m fortunate to have a career that enables me to express my most profound passion for something that I so much love and cherish since childhood. In spite of the initial difficulties, I have absolutely nothing to regret.

My advice to everyone seeking to make a change is – don’t be scared to change your life completely. Do not allow the fear of the “unknown tomorrow” to hinder you from discovering and exploring that thing you are so passionate about but just too afraid to face it. Be courageous, go for it and don’t keep it waiting. Map out your path and define your path of success according to your terms, and as you patiently scale through the hurdles one after the other, you will inevitably arrive at the end with smiles of victory.

Anna Kalita

-Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about your business – what should we know?

-I provide a wide range of high-profile and top-notch quality makeup artist services that use modern techniques, luxury applications as well as the best products on the market. I’m not just a specialized makeup artist; I’m also a makeup stylist. My ability to choose the best makeup style customized to each woman is one factor that set me apart from others.

My utmost priority is to enhance the natural beauty and individualism of every woman that needs makeup while finding the perfect balance between classical and trendy makeup appearance. I have close attention to details, which further enable me to strive for perfection. One thing that I love doing is creating a flawless skin that doesn’t look like a mask.

Also, I’m into fashion and red carpet makeup—a feature for everyone who wants to look likes a celebrity.

My makeup services are unique in the sense that they are real, unlike some artist that put up with annoying and fake Instagram cloned makeup that doesn’t walk in real life.

Although some women in Texas still prefer bold makeup looks with airbrush, thick layers of foundation and powder, I prefer lesser makeup and there is a whole lot of new make styles for everyone.

-Which women have inspired you in your life?

-I must say thank you to all the ladies/women who gave me the privilege to work with them. These are the people who inspired me. Women are unique in their respective individual’s capacity, aptly defining every makeup with its history. The quest of every woman is to look beautiful.You know every makeup has its story.I’m proud that no matter what every woman wants to be beautiful. Women use makeup as a way of showing whom they are individual. Makeup is another factor by which women increases and showcases their femininity.

Anna Kalita

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