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Anna Kalita Makeup Artist for Houston Magazine

Hi Anna! Can you briefly walk us through your story – how you started and how you got to where you are today? I began my profession as an independent makeup artist in 2010, in the wake of finishing a recognition course at a Makeup and Hair School in Moscow, Russia. Be that as it may, my fixation on makeup goes back to when I was very young. Makeup has dependably been a thing of inner energy and passion for me.

I have a degree in Graphic design, which has contributed colossally to the development of my cosmetics craftsman aptitudes and my skills as an artist. At one stage in my life, I was filling in as a visual architect that quickened and deepened my affection for photography because it was my genuine interest and a favorite hobby as I was growing up but I never got a chance to skillfully and religiously practice it and learn the art behind it. I would sharpen my skills by taking photos of my close friends, and I did their makeup and styling without having any learning of it.

Fashioner abilities and drawing, sketching… it helped me do makeup and to see how colors blend in with each other and which ones look best with which. As a consequence to that I left my office job and from that point, I began another journey on the path of an independent makeup artist. I was working in Moscow on a number of different photo shoots, magazines, fashion shows, music videos, and TV shows and commercials.

I decided that I need to further improve my skills and be the best at what I do, so I selected in a few master classes in New York and Los Angeles and got enrolled, trying to enhance my skills as an upcoming makeup artist and change myself according to the new and versatile fashion that will forever be evolving. I needed to make most of the skills I was given, to adapt to the needs of my client and really harness what I’d been given.

In 2016, my adventure has taken me to places like Houston Texas where I have been filling in as an independent freelance makeup artist.

From the accomplishments I have added to my list already and have made up until this point, I have objectives and goals set out for me that I need to conquer. I’m not going to stop where I am currently, but rather do my best to end up an extraordinary artist.

Anna Kalita Makeup Artist for Houston Magazine

My journey up till now has not been a simple one-way street! It is never an easy road to walk on and the most profoundly significant challenge that I have faced in my profession was the point at which I needed to quit the job I had to pursue my career because that was something I felt most passionate about. It tests your nerves at one point a sudden career change creates an unspoken form of instability and you have these questions in your head. At one point I almost gave up because I had this inner doubtful voice and no idea where I was headed or what the universe had in store for me.In any case, when you consider the tremendous reward engaged with making such a sacrifice, to do what you adore while being your own boss; is a change that is completely justified and definitely worth it, despite all the trouble.Another huge challenging change that I had to witness was the change of lifestyle and location. I was used to how things are done in Russia, not America. The American lifestyle is completely unique in relation to the way of life in Russia. In the wake of moving to the US, I needed to start from the very beginning once more.Now that I look back at it, I can say that I’m blessed to have a place and profession that empowers me to express my enthusiasm and passion for something that I cherish to such an extent. Regardless of the underlying troubles, I have nothing to regret.My advice to young girls and boys who want to pursue their dreams and improve themselves is – don’t be scared to take control of your life. Try not to let the dread of the “obscure future” stop you from finding that thing you are so enthusiastic about yet just excessively anxious, making it impossible to confront it. Don’t be scared to face your passion.

Anna Kalita Makeup Artist for Houston Magazine

I give an extensive variety of first-rate quality makeup services benefits that utilize modern applications and techniques and the best makeup products available. I’m not just your normal makeup artist, I’m also a stylist. My ability to pick the best makeup style tweaked to suit a woman is one factor that sets me apart from others.I mostly focus on the natural tones of my clients face and to accentuate the own natural beauty that can flaunt with a hint of individualism while finding the ideal harmony amongs new and classic makeup looks. I have close regard for subtle elements, which additionally empower me to make progress toward flawlessness. One thing that I adore doing is making an impeccable skin that doesn’t resemble a faux cover.I’m also fascinated by the red carpet and runway style makeup for all those clients who want that gorgeous celebrity glam. All the makeup looks I do work for my clients in real life as well and not just a fake cover that would look good only on Instagram.The makeup “gurus” have made people want to wear all these layers that might not even really suit them. So the fewer makeup people start wearing to accentuate their features, the better.

Anna Kalita Makeup Artist for Houston Magazine

Is our city a good place to do what you do? Honestly, it depends upon the kind of makeup artist you want to be or the kind of makeup that catches your eye. For people willing to do bridal makeup, there is a huge wedding industry in Houston so if you’re willing to nudge towards this part of the industry, Houston could be a pretty great place to start.If you aren’t quite sure yet that you are ready to be a freelance makeup artist right now you could work at salons. That way you won’t even have to worry about going out and looking for your clients plus, you will get to learn a bunch of new techniques. There’s always room for more.If you’re inclined towards the glitz and glam of the fashion world and would more likely love to offer your services on a runway, Houston isn’t the place for you because the fashion industry here isn’t as developed as in New York.But all in all, I like Houston and I think it’s a great place to start and as you work more, polish your skills you can move on to much better and bigger things in life.

Anna Kalita Makeup Artist for Houston Magazine

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