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Updated: Jul 15, 2020


Makeup artists are required to be in close physical contact with their clients to perform the job. In this case, the most fundamental measure of protection - social distancing - cannot be observed. It is understandably casting doubt on whether you should book an appointment or not as you are evaluating possible risks.

In my 10 years of experience I’ve seen so many others blowing on their brushes to get rid of excess powder before applying makeup on clients. Not only it’s unacceptable in the beauty industry but can even make the application dangerous. So, you literally entrust your health to a makeup artist now more than ever.

Sanitation of surfaces by itself is not going to make the application safe. I personally love using Clorox wipes but can they really help with brushes, sponges, pencils and makeup palettes? Bacteria and viruses are not easy to destroy and they spread faster than you may think.

Infection control during makeup application is key to keeping both the artist and the client safe.

Everyone is still at risk of contracting the virus and spreading it to others. The good news is – there is no need to refuse your favorite makeup services as long as your beauty specialist meets sanitation and disinfection standards.

I’ve always been putting hygiene first but now I’m taking it even more seriously.

Recently, I got certified as a sanitation specialist with a total of 4 certificates covering disinfection measures and levels of sanitation ranging from basic to advanced. One of them was specifically created for the current Covid-19 situation. And to keep my services even safer, I asked my mom, a PhD in chemistry, to share more tips.

My makeup application service now includes additional steps of proper infection control following the highest standards in the industry.


The first step is cleaning. I clean and wash brushes before each application. I use disposable tools to apply products.


I sanitize hands, cosmetics, and packaging before and after each client to reduce the number of bacteria.


I use hospital-grade disinfectant approved in the United States to disinfect items and surfaces. Proper disinfection is effective against most pathogens of risk in the beauty industry, including harmful bacteria, fungi and viruses.


I sterilize tools and cosmetic items as an additional safety measure. I use a special type of UV light that completely destroys all microbial life.

These methods do take more time and I carry a lot of extra stuff now but it’s totally worth it. I’m so happy to know that my clients can feel secure and get the safest makeup service possible.

If getting a safe makeup service matters to you book an appointment with me right here.

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